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One of those days... [15 Sep 2006|08:27pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

...where you just feel like a total and absolute wreck. Like everything you did was wrong. You thought it would get better by the end of the day, but it just made you feel worse.

I took a PreCal Test which started off my day in a very bad mood. Math used to be something I could get, and now it isn't. Most people thought it was easy and I in shyness thought to my self "You are an incompetent little shit-face". Went to History, unexpected bad grade on test. Depressed totally by now. Skip a few periods to Physics where my class would never shut up during the lesson and I realized I understand nothing and I should just die after a killer quiz the previous day. Skip to English where I am totally out of it, quickly finishing up my homework which I never knew we had and half reflecting on when the day would get better. The next 2 periods were at least a bit relaxable.

And then rehearsal started. I was a bit nervous considering Cummons was not going to be there this time and Kurzym was. Me never having worked with her was naturally uncomfortable with everything on stage. It got to my part and we had to rework my entrance so many times that Kurzym got fed up with me and I felt even more depressed then ever before. She's like an amazing director but when someone like me comes from a horrible day I just feel incompetent to everything. Every stupid thing I never do on stage I do, minor things I should have totally squandered. I killed my character by doing everything wrong. Everything I had thought about my character was apparently... wrong. Everything I do is just wrong. I felt severely depressed. It's probably my lack of experience on the "real" stage. I guess halfway through rehearsal I finally got comfortable on stage and at least did a half-ass job at my role. But I just felt really disappointed in myself. I should take things like this very lightly, but if you know me, everything I take seriously and I over analyze everything. The only thing I can try to think in hope is that "it's all for the best". oh and "I'm the biggest piece of shit in the world."

Hopefully this weekend I can change for the better.

Anyways if I'm better by then...

The Thirteenth Chair-

October 13, 14, 19, 20 & 21 @ AHS Auditorium.

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Been a real long time. [07 Sep 2006|09:52pm]
[ mood | irate ]

Don't worry, I didn't forget you people who no one even knows who you are. Perverts. But I've been too lazy too blog. Anyways I'm an upperclassman now, creepy really. Junior year is starting with an awkward start. Classes I used to excel in, I'm sucking in. And classes which I sucked in, I'm doing okay in. I really preferred it the other way around.


Physics is a waste of time because we learn nothing. Our teacher is fully competent but doesn't know a thing about teaching, fresh graduate. Our class is one of the worst I've been in, rivaling 4th period World Geography freshman year. Our teacher, who I always forget his name so I call him Mr. Speichler, is so VAGUE.

English... my best subject last year is my worst this year. I carelessly forgot to bring extra credit school supplies and suffered with a deplorable average. And I blame myself only.. for now. I feel like a total dipshit in that class. And Mrs. Courtney's strange eyeballing gymnastics doesn't make it any better.

PreCal... sucks. I used to be so good at math and now I'm so confused about everything. Goddamn cycle of life.

Creative Writing... a JOKE. the one class I was looking forward to is a blowoff. The teacher doesn't know shit about writing and doesn't teach a damn thing. Mr Seed is a lazy ass jerk who won't get his ass up from his chair from watching crappy movie trailers and eating his damn fruit to teach HOW TO WRITE WELL. morons in the membrane.

History which I had a hate-love relationship last year- I seem to love this year, so far. Mr Giglotti is one of the few and better teachers I've ever had. Knows what he's talking about, doesn't talk out of his ass, and actually teaches well in a way that can keep everyone submurged in the topic at hand.

And Theatre III. Odd, odd, odd.

And I finally reached my goal of getting callbacks in auditions! I probably didn't get a part but it's alright. I'll work my ass of this year to refrain from being practically the only kid in my theatre class who isn't a thespian or apprentice.

And callbacks are freaky. Very weird.


Awkward beyond measure. [23 Feb 2006|04:01pm]
[ mood | drained ]

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One of the worst and oddest and farfetched day was today. After a relatively fun period in Spanish, one of the most unlikely things ever, History started with my idiotic mistake ever. I thought I left my homework at home. i searched everywhere. couldnt find it. so i had a terrible day and only to find when i get home it's not there either. so i check my history binder for 5000000th time and find it sandwiched between two sticky pages of notes. So I am here kicking myself for a failed HW grade that i could have gotten credit for. Perfect right? Doesn't end there. I go into Algebra, she claimed it was an easy quiz. I was like panicking. 6 questions. Had no ides how to do 1 and 6. Everyone thought it was easy except me. I'm betting I failed miserably. Poor me. Right? Not yet.

The BIGGEST shocker of the year. Ms. Hoffbitch takes me outside at the beginning of class. Naturally the class looks at me thinking I'm in trouble, me knowing I'm not. She starts off by giving me this recommendation for this UIL team for writing. Which seems cool and I didn't even know existed. But then the conversation takes a spike. She basically interrogates me looking very distraught and angry. She asks if I have a problem with the way she teaches. If I know how hard she works. If I don't respect her. If I make snide comments behind her back. If I don't like her. If I criticize her. If I am rude to her. Which every single question should have garnered a Yes but naturally I did the smart thing and denied, denied, denied. This BITCH has me in a corner with a look in the eye that she was gonna write me up or call my parents for being rude to her. THIS BITCH. Yesterday, I asked a question to her about some pattern I noticed in our book. She of course did not know, and in her usual idiotic self bounces the question back on me. I was furious, because I honestly did not know and was asking her because of my cluelessness. And she retorts the same question back at me!! She could of a least said I'm not sure or that's interesting I'll think on it. But this BITCH. So I tell her "I was asking you" in a PURE NAIVE voice. I don't know why, the class claps and cheers, Miss Hoffbitch blushes like a clown and we have at least a civilized discussion about what it may be. She gives me at least something about tying in a motif. Fine, I said i was kinda pleased. And then she gets all pissed at me today for disrespecting her authority. LOOK LADY. I DON'T LIKE YOU. BUT I WAS ASKING A SIMPLE QUESTION AND YOU DID NOT KNOW AND YOU ASKED IT TO ME BACK. I WAS ASKING YOU, I DO NOT KNOW. YOU BITCH. even though you should KNOW. YOU DEPEND ON SPARKNOTES FOR CHRISSSAKES!!! God this bitch just made me in the most awkward position ever! I mean DAMN. Now I have vowed, never ever to talk to her, or ask a question, or talk to her in any way unless called upon her to answer something, Now begins... the silent treatment.

- Amar


...will dance for deux ex machina... [20 Dec 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

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Gees. The first semester is over, finally. I managed, hopefully, 5 A's out of 7. A few by a miracle. And this is the first break in years, including summer, we've had no homework. Alas, there's always a catch. My mom notified me today, last minute, that I have to wake up early and go to court tomorrow as a damn witness of the damn accident. Goodness gracious. And then it turns out we're having numerous parites at our house, which I even asked them before to not have. Of course, when they're bored they have a party, much to my displeasure. I just wanted to kick back, but no. I have to clean, wake up early, do this, do that. Why won't irony just leave me alone! I probably had the few best hours of the break right when I got home, as the rest will be plagued by family being here and disdainful celebrations, about what I don't even know.

My computer finally turned on today. Shame my optimism is dumb. I restarted it after installing some updates. Kaput.. again. And that was the omen of the bad things to come this break. Goddamnit. And I was just thanking imaginary people a few hours ago for closure.

I just want to crawl in a hole, and stay there the rest of my life.


My oh My. It's been awhile. [03 Dec 2005|11:18am]
[ mood | irate ]

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Yeah. Sorry for the lack of updates. If anyone's even reading... but school's been a nightmare. I've been up past 12 every night... studying.... i think. But still bad grades come which gives me no faith in the impending world caving in on me.

On the way to see harry potter a couple weeks back.... we got in a car wreck which is just dandy. And guess what it was the most stupid and should not be there car wrecks ever. We were right at the neighborhood enterance and we stopped and were about to turn but saw someone turning our way so we refrained. But some idiot girl turned right into our car. Before she hit she stop and we though she was gonna back up as my mom honked. But no, this idiot saw 1 inch between us as enough room and kept on turning.. damaging our car more than hers. And guess what we had a mercedes. And another horrible thing... WE GOT FRICKIN BLAMED FOR IT. The stupid texas cop said that we stopped ahead of the stopsign. If my mom, the safety buff as she is, did not stop at that stopsign before attempting a turn then someone needs to shoot me now. Geez... and I though Texas law was stupid already. Worst of all.. I didn't get to see Harry Potter until the following Sunday.

But Harry Potter... boy that was amazing. Just as great as the last film. recommended!

School has gotten even more stupid real fast. I even ended up in a full fledged argument with Miss Hoffbitch. I didn't get in trouble.. caus she started it. We had to right a piece of crap ungraded essay on why we take honor and ap classes. And I though Taks questions were stupid. And of course, miss Hoffbitch made me share. It basically was a 2 page essay on how teachers, especially her suck. Although I didn't say her name I explained exactly so exactly what she did. And guess what, she laughed! My god. Does she even know when I'm insulting her. And of course she twists and turns my word as my main point was the unhealthy and stupid amount of work we do. She went on and on how it helped her through college and that I was wrong and she was right and we should all be happy little horny bunnies jumping and pouncing in the meadow. Give me a fucking break. So I protested and defended my opinion, but I always have a hard time defending myself even when I have full confidence that I am righ. So I come out naive and I know I do but still stand stiff. And at the risk of sounding beaten, really I was trying for our feud to stop before I start insulting her with many of the names and nightmares I've planned for her in my head. Geez, I didn't think things could get much worse than last year.

Working at the hospital really bites. I am almost halfway away fom completing my hours. About 10 more hours til 50. Whipee.

Midterms start soon. bleh.

My parents think I am a lethargic punk brat.

- amar


And the silence continues while the misery expands... [30 Sep 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

I cannot stress people enough the clear asshole attitude of Mrs. Hoffbitch. It is somehow resoundingly clear now that she is one of those teachers who indeed has favorites. And thus so people she likes they get better grades. People she particularly either does not even notice, get bad grades. Thus follows how the top people who ever graced the English curriculum's grades are falling. Although you could blame it on their pitiless arrogance, it somehow doesn't seem too likely.

Anyways my English problems... are kind of solved. My average went up 21 points. Hurray for me. I have an 84 now. And I was only focusing on passing. I miraculously broke down the thick skull of Hoffbitch and got a 97 on my reflexive essay, which by the way I totally bullshitted up. Write about real events my ass. And I surprisingly received an 83 on my horrible horrible pukable Timed Writing on the now infamous novel, Dandelion Wine. Hoffbitch continues to scar us for life by giving us a mock trial to do with the worst rules, planning ever.

In other news, Spanish is steadily becoming more poignant in my nightmares. I totally failed my OPI. I already know because I know not one thing I said was proper grammar or fluent. I'm praying for a 50 right now. Geez.

Mr. Evans, my cigarette smelling, CompSci teacher either bores me to death or provokes me to strangle him first.

Theatre this year, although a step higher han last year, is becoming grounded in stupidity on human nature while the once very good teacher now talks restlessly on actor's reflection on life. That's all well and good but when you start giving a very skewed philosophical lesson based in absolute bullshit, we have a problem Mr. Cummons.

And basically every other class sucks too.

I finally went and saw Corpse Bride today. Huzzah! And what a great movie it was. I loved it. It wa original, daring, and although sort of predictable somethings still I did not see coming.

I close this entry with my personal accomplishment of bamboozling the worst teacher alive with a great paper. Well I don't think it's good at all, but I have to admit it does give a very nice illusion that it is. Enjoy, even though I know you won't!

A Delayed Reunion

Stars swam in the night sky as she loosened her grace on the world and on me. Long, lanky hair waltzed in merriment as the wind sang her an ode. She reigned over a kingdom that stretched to boundaries I could not even fathom to see. She perched her figure close in twine with mine and seated herself precariously as her lips widened to half an arch. The moonlight beamed about her skin and ignited her with the eerie luminescence of a goddess. My dreams repeated consecutively this tale of her approach. She would never know, but after we tried to ensconce closely on that park bench, I decided to reevaluate my own life. Jennie Gray’s influence taught me a lesson that I could not forget, to never let appearances bias one’s mind.

The moon hung low and full, dangling aloft in the misleading night. I posed alone, examining Pecan Park in the twilight from my solitary confinement on a bench. Fireflies scurried out of sight, illuminating the hedges. My pupils flashed both ways hoping to spot an incoming truck to inevitably crumble my fragile bones into powder, but no such luck befell me. Fed up with my demeaning horoscope, I continued my search for that only catalyst that would vanquish the surging numbness within me. The distance witnessed this lonely fragment of wood resembling an outhouse waving its arms at pesky mosquitoes that refused to vacate the future presence of a queen. Dusk air empowered over the twilight’s bitter fragrance and seized control of the silent evening. The rose in my hand began to droop, and a single maroon petal fell silently to the black night. My head tumbled to my chest, and my eyelids dropped their bulky weights on one another as I drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, the shadows in my eyes rejoiced at a color swirling in motions synchronized to the sound of two feet faintly tapping on a hard surface. Each step was a scarlet red, another a proud blue, or a sultry purple. With my eyes still closed to try and embrace this thrill ride forever, I experienced the softest but most affirmative prick on my shoulder. My eyelids garnered newfound strength and lifted to the ultimatum of reviving sights a ten-year-old boy could see. Mona Lisa fell to her heels; a rotting corpse resurrected at her gaze; the most ugly ducklings reassembled into swans at the blink of her eye; every cliché found its original connotation once more.

“You came,” I proclaimed as I spat out a few drops of saliva in the air.

“Of course I came,” Jennifer sighed sweetly, serenading the nightingales.

“Please sit down…” I stammered, sounding naive as a doornail. She sat next to me with such resounding purity that her very presence summoned tepid, adagio chills to climb up my spine. For the briefest moment, I do not know for how long, we swayed motionless. A delicate strand, almost impossible to split, bridged our eyes.

Her eyes diverted to the other direction, and the bridge collapsed. “It’s been a long time, Amar. You should’ve called me sooner. My plane leaves tomorrow morning.”

At this, my eyes dashed away as well. Instead of replying with the long, entwined retort that I had rehearsed for days I stuttered, “You have changed, Jennie.”

“However, I still see the same sweet Amar I knew,” she laughed off in a somewhat depthless fashion. Each drop of her joy pelted upon me like a missile heading to a battleship. I tried to smile with her, but my muscles froze, and just a stifled frown showed. Abruptly, her smile changed to something almost too superficial. I watched in horror as the smallest, lone, and most emotional tear slid down her cheek carrying whispers of a thousand cries. Her pitch lowered an octave. “I ruined it all. I left you to become this pretty center of attention. Don’t think I do not see the way you look at me, as this perfect princess who can do no wrong. All of this time I only transformed into some kind of monster. Take our past friendship’s blindfold off and see the truth!” A small lull of silence followed. I shifted in my seat, my eyes and ears clinging on to her every gesture and sound.

“Jennie, I mean Jennifer, I don’t understand. I never did. One year we push each other’s swings, and the next I’m sitting all alone.”

Her eyes continued to water the contents of the great Nile. My eyes yearned to accompany her in the yearly flooding, but I refused to let them do so. However my ears still burned at every word for I still would not allow myself to believe it.

Moaning, she lamented, “I guess I mistakenly thought you were holding me down from this idiotic vision of supremacy. I turned into this false puppet that I must perform in front of the world night and day. How could I not realize that my heart pined to remain, and not to change?”

“But, Jennifer…”

“Jennifer?” she laughed, “It sounded more mature! How come now it sounds like a ceaseless prick? Girls like me put their reality aside in exchange for people to gawk all over them like a parrot. My looks, as with so many others’, mean to deceive and entrap others in their lies. Take my advice; please do. Never let what I let happen to me, happen to you. I’m sorry, I have to go.”

She still remained beside me. Her composition seemed entirely incomprehensible. Her once marble-white eyes now glared a livid red. Her hair stood ruffled and filled with split ends. We examined each other’s complexions for one last time.

With not even a proper farewell, she stumbled out of my life. Her two personas split evenly before my eyes. Jennifer promenaded in one direction, the moon following her step. Jennie tripped ungracefully on the other side and burst into a frantic sprint, cheeks blaring pink, through the heavy shadows of the dimly lighted street.

I still lied there, still as a tree. The rose had long fallen off its stem. I forgot to give it to her. It did not matter though. Her last words still rung repeatedly in my mind like a small town’s Sunday morning church bell. It would take years for me to accept them as an apology. Nevertheless, nevermore did I find the need to flirt with things that could persistently haunt me the way Jennifer did. After that brief reunion with the past, appearance never betrayed me again. Countless people before and after me too ignored reality and became lost on the dark path towards obsession. Fortunately, before I dared to tread deeper to the heart of insanity, my own delusion of bliss rescued me. Jennie Gray struck me on the cheek with the wake up call I needed since the day she had left me.

- amar


Crazy, Insane, Destructive [11 Sep 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

What a crazy and horrifying first weeks of school. I now know that I'm actually failing English. My hopes of achieving at least ab 80 in every class seems to be vanished. My English teacher is a sourless prick. God I hate her. I hope she just drops dead. Damn that Hoffpauir. She is such a bitch. If anybody says something different on what they felt during a reading of something she would agree with you. But then when you put it in an essay she puts a big red X on the whole thing even if you backed it up with evidence from the book. She should get it out of her ginormous head that literature only has one right answer. That bitch. And she is so vague and doesn't explain anything so we give stuff to her and says you didn't include this or do it this way. Hello lady!!! You never told us we were supposed to! me and my friend Amy are scheming to throw a bucket of red paint on her at the end of senior year and scream "MURDERER" and run before the school cops show up. We might need a mask to cover our face too. Wait. shhh... don't tell anyone. Oh dear, like anyone reads his anyways. I'm failing because we had some stupid vocab quiz to make up after I was absent and before I left she told me that i could make it up ANYTIME this next week. But right when i got in English on tuesday she handed me the quiz and I was totally not prepared. What A LYING BITCH. God I hate this woman.

I think I only have one good teacher this year and that's my theatre teacher. And that's pretty sad. My computer science teacher is a cigarette addict who lets out all his frustration of not getting a ciggy on all his kids, mainly by yelling at me for doing nothing at all bad. That bastard. I wish he's die too. Oh and when i say die I really mean die. But don't worry, I'm not threatening to kill anyone. I'm just here hoping that they'd drop dead. Is that sin? yes, okay. Moving on. My chem teacher is so bright, cheery, optimistic, and annoying that I want to stuff her ever going mouth with my fist. My algebra teacher is so rude that she never even understands how to fit help into her schedule. My spanish teacher thinks we know every single word and structure in the spanish dictionary and thereby makes us fail everything by using questions on quizzes and tests in spanish using words and phrases we've never even seen before. My history teacher is the same as last year but she continues to think that mindless, pointless work is as good as actual learning, which she at least does.

I just went to a damn dumb trip to New York last weekend to "see my brother off" to college. I wouldn't be failing right now if it wasn't for that damn trip. And i was usually home all day finishing my assload of homework!!!!!!!!!!! Damnit!!!!!!

Anyways I leave you with the only good thing we did In english and it turns out it wasn't a grade. whipee. :/

Showing Composition

Black mist swirled and engulfed her into paranoia instantaneously. Softly creaking soles on the floor reflected off the numerous ramparts and atriums, screaming at her to leave. Her knees felt a chilly breeze as they quivered in cowardice. Any merriment the earth possessed drifted together bundled in the snow outside lingering only for the sight of her return. She was suddenly brought to a halt. It was if it had sprung up from a dark abyss. A long, winding hall lay before her and enchanted the now thick mist into the lairs of the consecutive, unbolted doors. Her sluggish, forced calm vanished as her breath quickened. She trembled more and more each second for this corridor seemed to go on that time itself would discontinue. The air tasted of sour lemons, and a scent of wilted flowers adventured through her nostrils. For a glance, she turned back but realized that there was no back. The light of the moon shining through the window avoided staring at the path behind her and only guided her into the future. Her slow pace slightly quickened, and her eyes gaped more looking for any way out at all. She trembled so greatly that she swore she could hear her bones rattling inside. Suddenly a small breeze blew behind her. Not even looking back she burst into a sprint. She was going to die, and she knew it. There was no way out of this manor. She would die in here. No one would ever find her. Glowering doors grew into blurs as she raced down this tunnel of obscurity. Then there it was. She retreated and came to a halt. A plain door stood before her, the moonlight dancing on the handle. With a deep breath, sounding more as a gasp, she opened the door. She had entered such a massive room, that she felt guilt of intruding. However, not one item was in presence except for a large, shabby mirror. Cautiously, she walked toward the giant. A scream pierced the pleased parapets. A gray corpse with its eyes distorted wailed back at her as she touched the pickax embedded into her cerebellum, a tear of blood trickling down her face.

- amar


School starts again on Wednesday. [14 Aug 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Meh. I can't believe School is starting again. I had the best summer ever. I didnt achieve all my summer goals. And it's ending on a down note. I kinda let a friend down by not going to this party. I made a poor excuse and they had a miserable time there without me and now I feel like a jerk.

I even feel like a jerk in my own house. I try to control my rudeness to other people. But I just end up insulting them when it really wasn't my intention to begin with. I guess it just has to go on with how I hate basically everything and everyone in the world deep down and just now my hateness is coming out. But at the same time I dont want people to hate me. I want to hate them not vice versa. And that's not right, and I know but meh. I'm a screwed up little child. One minute I'm feeling odd and mournful, the other I'm having ----- okay I'll stop there. At the same time I want to be hated but for different reasons then what people do hate me for.

And then there's my brother. The crown of the family. The summoner of all good attention in the world. He basically has all my parent's trust, an entourage of friends, the awe of everyone of my few friends, the explorer of every new experience, and the man every one who comes into our house wants to interrogate. I am pushed to the side while the gawk at everything he does. My parents even admit he's the favorite, jokingly though. Bit I can tell they mean it. I'm the brat, he's the prince. I don;t wish I was in his position, or am jealous. I just wanted equal love that's all. I guess it's okay. I can add it to the other lost of reasons of why I'll end up shooting myself before the age of 50 and suffer every day in the after life for not being grateful for a life. sigh... I am a moron, ament I? I'm just gonna shut up now so you all can laugh at my ridiculous post.

- amar


Oh dear god no. [29 Jul 2005|01:30pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

First off let me start off with my reaction after Book 6. I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone (if anyone actually reads this) so skip over the section bordered by the arrow heads.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OMFG. I could not belive Dumbledore died! I mean yeah, I knew he was going to snuff it in the series but being murdered I would've never dreamed! I always thought he would die in a Yoda like way. But still, I think Snape is STILL on the order's side. WHY would Dumbledore bed for his life? Isn't it him who never feared death? Who said death is just the next great adventure? I think Dumbeldore was pleading Severus to kill him. Possibly, to not break the Unbreakable Vow. Maybe Severus on the inside of Voldie and spying hold some greater meaning. hmmm... And remember when Dumbledore took the green potion he said "KIll me, it's all my fault". I have a hunch that he WAS there at Godric's Hollow the night Lily and James died and it was ebcause of him SOMEHOW that Voldemort killed them. maybe he purposefully kept Snape to spy on his converstation with Trealwney! But WHY? WHO KNOWS!! I don't want Book 7 soon. The series is gonna end!!! And that was my life!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Okay done with that. Now... School starts again August 17!! Agh. This was the first summer vacation that i wish would never end. I really don't want to go back to school. Summer went by SO fast. I finsished Dandelion Wine for the summer reading book. But I still need to do the dreaded Dialectical Journal... argh! And we have PSATs in October! Goddamnit! Anyways.. yeah. I don't think there's anything else to say. So until next time.

- Amar


Return from nashville. [09 Jul 2005|05:48pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well it's been awhile. I've been in nashville the past two weeks visiting my cousin. She has two really fun, but real annoying, twin girls. They're 3. I couldnt get a good night sleep because they were screaming at like 6 am! And one of them cried alot! I eman alot! But it was really fun with them though still, even if they pretended I didn't even exist 95% of the time. Nashville, might be just as much dullsville as Houston is. Maybe not as much, because country music fans enjoy it there. We went to this really nice Opryland Hotel the other day. They had this show going on. First they had these really cool circus performers do skyhigh tricks. Then the main event... who is it?.... what is it?.... why it's FUCKING WATER. They did this fountain show where water goes high and they play loud music and many lights. It was so stupid. People were cheering so loud! And for what? IT'S FUCKING COMPUTERIZED MOVEMENT WATER! WHO FUCKING CARES. Give me a break. And they played the WORST music along with it. Horrible! Just Horrible. But the hotel itself was amazing. It was huge, I mean HUGE, and all inside of it was this really cool rainforest. And it had a glass ceiling. Pretty neat, huh? Nothing really else was there. We went to alot of malls, that's it. I saw War of the Worlds last weekend. It was pretty good. 7/10. But the book was better. HA. And Tom Cruise is an asshole.

Pics of my trip will come soon.


And prayers go out to the vicitims of the London terrorist bombings.

- Amar

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